Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Data


The personal data that "Zahranvane Com" Ltd., owner of, collects, includes names, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers. This data is collected when our customers order products or make inquiries. With this data, we contact you to provide you with information and make it easier for you to search, order and receive products.

In cases where a client requests the issue of an invoice to an individual, according to the Accountancy Act, we are obliged in the invoice to describe three names, PIN and registration address. According to the same law, the accounting document (invoice) is required to be kept for a minimum of 5 years, which means that the specified personal data will also be retained. Issuing an invoice to an individual requiring this personal data is optional, it is not subject to the procedure for shopping.

Except where you are making inquiries, your visits to the site can also provide your data, such as cookies, links, and more.

Your personal data will be used by "Zahranvane Com" Ltd. (EU VAT No.: BG203351348) only for the purposes of offers and deliveries to you. Please note that if you have submitted false personal data, the data protection obligation will be considered invalid.

"Zahranvane Com" Ltd. has the obligation not to disclose personal data to its customers to third parties. Such disclosure may be made only upon the explicit permission of the given client or if disclosure of personal data is required under Bulgarian law.

Underaged persons can not provide their personal data on the sites of "Zahranvane Com" Ltd without the consent and permission of their parents or guardians.


"Zahranvane Com" Ltd. (EU VAT No.: BG203351348) will use the data provided by customers for the following purposes:

  • Statistical purposes of "Zahranvane Com" Ltd. for use by the online store;
  • Processing of orders and inquiries of shop customers;
  • Help with filling orders;
  • Processing order payments;
  • Administering and servicing the content of the online store;
  • Providing product information and promotions;
  • Sending information about new products and promotions that would be of interest to already inquiries and customers of the online store;
  • Provide personalized promotional offers.


For the proper functioning of we use cookies. Cookies are small bundles of data. They do not contain personal information. They are stored on the computer of the visitor to the online store. The goals with which cookies are stored are: visual site settings and storage of products selected by the customer in the cart.

At the first visit from your computer you will see a message that the site collects cookies. The message will appear in a bar at the bottom of the screen.

To continue using the site, you must click the "Accept" button. This will express your consent to the use of cookies. The message bar will hide and will not appear on your next visit.