Delta EMEA Partner Award 2015 for MPL Power Elektro


Delta EMEA Partner Award 2015 for MPL Power Elektro

Dec 15, 2015

Paris, December 8, 2015 - Delta Electronics has awarded MPL Power Elektro with the Delta EMEA Award 2015. The award ceremony was arranged in Paris to coincide with Mr. Bruce Cheng’s (Delta’s founder and Honorary Chairman) presence at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris.

With its head office in Poland, MPL has been promoting sustainable business practices in Poland and several regions in Eastern Europe. The company has been replacing lower quality power supplies in their portfolio with highly reliable and energy efficient Delta power products on a large scale. MPL has since grown to be the number one distributor in the EMEA region for Delta’s industrial power supply (IPS) products. In the spirit of Delta’s brand commitment of “Smarter. Greener. Together.”, MPL together with Delta’s IPS team will plant a tree for every US$ 100,000 purchase from Delta annually, in Poland and the Czech Republic.

In addition, MPL is working closely with Delta to promptly identify key product and solution developments based on market needs. Their contribution and hard work have earned the company the Delta EMEA Partner Award 2015. Mr. Bruce Cheng presented the award personally to MPL during the award ceremony.

Mr. Bruce Cheng (Delta’s founder and Honorary Chairman, second from right on screen) accompanied by

Delta EMEA Director Mr. Sean Tan (first from right on screen), presenting the Delta EMEA Partner Award 2015

to Mr. Pawel Wilk (Chief Brand Officer, third from right) and Mr. Adam Skupień (Technical Sales Manager, first from the left) of MPL Power Elektro