CliQ M

Delta Electronics is introducing one of the slimmest DIN rail industrial power supplies in its class, the CliQ M DIN rail power supply series. The high power density product is designed according to major industrial and marine (Lloyd’s Register) safety standards. In addition to having Power Boost of 150% for 5 seconds, the CliQ M series is the first in the CliQ family to provide the Advanced Power Boost (APB) feature. With multiple loads connected in a system and due to one of fault load a large outrush current is drawn (demanded), this will be detected by APB. This APB will trip the circuit breaker (circuit breaker with appropriate rating base on the system load) on the current path of faulty load due to high current. This thus prevents the system from shutting down while the other connected current paths continue to operate without interruption.

Power Supply CliQ M 24V / 82W / 3.4А
Power Supply CliQ M 24V / 120W / 5А
Power Supply CliQ M 24V / 240W / 10А
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