The CliQ DIN rail power supply series from one of the world’s leading power supply companies, Delta Electronics Group, offers state-of-the-art designs made to withstand harsh industrial environments in accordance to ATEX requirements. The rugged metal or plastic case is both shock and vibration resistant according to IEC 60068-2. The CliQ power supplies include overvoltage, overload and over temperature protections for the output. Using a wide input voltage range design, Delta’s CliQ DIN rail power supply series is usable worldwide and features built-in Power Boost of 150% for 3 seconds. Such feature enables reserve power to be always available for reliable startup of loads with high inrush current current thus eliminating the need of a more expensive power supply at higher power rating.

Power Supply CliQ 12V / 15W / 1.25А
Power Supply CliQ 12V / 30W / 2.5А
Power Supply CliQ 12V / 60W / 5А
Power Supply CliQ 12V / 100W / 8.33А
Power Supply CliQ 24V / 48W / 2А
Power Supply CliQ 24V / 60W / 2.5А
Power Supply CliQ 24V / 60W / 2.5А
Power Supply CliQ 24V / 120W / 5А
Power Supply CliQ 24V / 240W / 10А
Power Supply CliQ 24V / 480W / 20А
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